What we offer

In addition to the 15 hours free entitlement we provide for all 3 and 4 year olds we are now offering a limited amount of Wrap Around Care places available from 8:00am until 6:00pm, during term time.

Within this additional time your child will be able to access a rich early year’s environment, with support for both their learning and care from highly qualified and experienced staff who will work closely with your child’s key worker to ensure your child’s personal needs are met.

After school time will be spent doing a range of extra-curricular activities, which you will be given prior notice of , these activities will be with an adult ratio of 1 to 4.

  • visits to the park and the library,
  • walks in the village to shop for ingredients for baking etc.)

We offer breakfast and tea at no extra cost however lunch will be provided at a cost of £2.34. This will take place in a family atmosphere where the children are given the opportunity to select and serve themselves. After which they are given a choice to either relax or benefit from physical activities in our outside area.

Our Aims

  • to create a warm, welcoming and secure environment in which children, staff and parents are valued and their happiness and enjoyment is fostered.
  • to provide a rich, structured and balanced curriculum that offers a wide variety of experience and opportunity through active learning. (to explore, experiment, create, play and rest.)
  • to develop a close relationship between home and school and to encourage parents to become involved with us in the care and education of their children.
  • to develop self-esteem through positive attitudes to one another, and to encourage independence, social skills and appropriate patterns of behaviour.
  • to promote equal opportunities for all regardless of race, gender, age, ability, religion or social status.
  • to help children to develop a positive attitude towards people of different ethnic groups, culture, beliefs, gender and ability.
  • to offer a child centred environment in which the individual child can be supported and extended as appropriate to his/her needs.
  • to foster good relations with any outside agencies which may become involved with a child/children attending Dean Bank Primary and Nursery School.
  • to ensure that staff are informed of current thinking about child development and the curriculum.
  • to share information with parents, and to support the work of the school in helping children to make progress towards the Early Learning Goals and prepare them for a smooth transition to their reception class.