School Council

What is ‘School Council’?

We value the opinions of our pupils and want our pupils to have a voice in the running of their school to make their school experience the best it can be. School council gives pupils an extra opportunity to share these opinions about their life in our school and take action on the matters that are important to them.

At the beginning of each school year, new school council representatives from Y1-6 are elected. Children nominate themselves through a ‘job application’ form whereby they express their beliefs about themselves and their opinions on school improvements.

School council representatives meet regularly, reviewing progress made on ideas at the end of each term. Our group undertakes activities in response to ideas raised and voted on.

Who are we?

 Miss Forster runs our school council and our pupil members for 2022-23 are:

Year 1 – Elizabeth and Luke

Year 2 – Alex and Amelia U

Year 3 – Callum and Daphne

Year 4 – Aleaha and Chloe

Year 5 – Kaison and Stanley

Year 6 – Lily-Mae and Luna

Successes from 2021-22

Breaktime fruit for KS2

KS2 cycling to school with bike racks and locks

Increased variety of clubs

What’s going on this year?


The role of a school councillor

After school clubs – having further options for Reception and KS1 as well as a wider variety of sports clubs

The running of Privilege Time/Precious Time

Having school council badges

In Spring Term, we are now:

Wearing our badges with pride!

Offering a wider variety of sports clubs with an increase in clubs available to Reception & KS1 children.

In Spring Term 1, we discussed:

Dojo points and how we spend them

Potential for further non-school uniform days

Equipment available to play with during lunch time