Aims, Ethos and Vision


To provide an environment which:

  •  Is safe for all, where children feel valued and secure and failure can be seen as a learning opportunity;
  • Has high standards of teaching and learning, achieved through a combination of challenge, support, encouragement and praise;
  • Has a dedicated and effective team who support each other and work for the positive development of our children;
  • Has high expectations of learning and behaviour;
  • Insists upon equality of opportunity;
  • Celebrates children’s achievements and supports them to be individuals;
  • Supports children in recognising and managing their own risk taking and decision making;
  • Engages with, listens and responds to children’s suggestions, opinions and needs;
  • Develops positive relationships with governors, parents and the wider community, encouraging and valuing their commitment in supporting our aims.


To provide a curriculum which:

  • Values the development of the whole child
  • Will take account of different learning styles and abilities
  • Is creative, challenging and meets the needs of our children
  • Allows children to apply skills, knowledge and understanding when investigating and deepening their learning
  • Develops a passion for learning
  • Encourages children to participate in sports activities within and outside the curriculum
  • Prepares children for their future in the wider community
  • Promotes an understanding of school, local, national and world wide community and their place in it
  • Promotes the British Values of Democracy; the Rule of Law; Individual Liberty; Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs
  • Develops Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding across the whole curriculum

We aim to help children to…


Our school is committed to providing the very best for all our children. We believe that all individuals should be valued in a positive and supportive environment. Their time at Dean Bank Primary School should be about developing their talents, learning attitudes and character, so that our children will want to go on learning forever.


Our vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.