Remote Learning

At Dean Bank, we strive to enable our children to continue to progress in their learning throughout the current pandemic. As always, our school community is at the heart of everything that we do and our approach to remote learning reflects this. Please find details of our school’s offer for remote learning and other guidance and support to help our community at this time.

Our offers and expectations

guidance and support

It’s good to encourage children to talk about how they’re feeling, particularly at the moment when they might not fully understand some of their feelings. You could use some of these questions to start a conversation. Some will be more appropriate than others depending on your child’s age.

It’s normal if your child’s behaviour is becoming a bit more challenging than usual at the moment. Children often express how they’re feeling through their behaviour. Below is a link to some useful information about how to support your child during the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly the section about child behaviour.

We are all here to support you and your children through this difficult time so let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties with their behaviour. We also understand that your child might have an ‘off day’ and might struggle to focus on their school work so let their class teacher know and share any other achievements of the day.

As well as changes in behaviour, some children’s sleep routines might be disturbed during this strange time which could impact heavily on their ability to concentrate and learn. Here are some useful strategies from an occupational therapist that you could easily try at home to help regulate children; reduce meltdowns and stress; and possibly lead to improved sleep. Try to give your child regular breaks and keep them as physically active as possible throughout the day using some of the suggested heavy work activities (under supervision of an adult), in addition to their daily exercise.

Our offers and expectations (you will need school login details) (you will need school login details)

For subject specific websites, go to the appropriate curriculum page.