Football Competition

On Thursday the 1st November, there was a football competition during school time up to 1 o’clock with twenty teams. At first, we were in a league against four other teams and we came first. Then we went to the champions league and came fourth out of twenty teams. We were the only team that had more year fives than year sixes [which made it hard for us]. We played at the Alun Armstrong Centre and we had no girls this time because Layla is injured but most of the other teams had girls and they were really good. Furthermore, we played on AstroTurf where there were walls so there were no corners or throw-ins so you bounced the ball off the wall. At the end, there was a presentation and 1st , 2nd and 3rd got a medal so our football team just missed out because we came 4th [unluckily for us]. The last game –which decided which position we came in-was six to zero to them. Hopefully we can keep improving and do even better next time!
By Roman and Aidan