Design Technology Curriculum

Design Technology in Action at Dean Bank 2022-2023

What we say about DT at Dean Bank Primary School

Noah – I enjoyed being able to design and make catapults.
Taylor – I like how we sometimes get to work together when we are making things.
Summer – It is fun being able to create new things.

Our Intent

Our aim and intent for design and technology is to provide children with the opportunity to use technology to create and to design using their own ideas. We aim to provide them with a curriculum that will support them through their journey at Dean Bank, allow them time to develop their own thought process and to encounter problems and come up with solutions. Each year group will have a long-term plan in place with specific aims from mechanisms, construction, food and nutrition and electrical mechanisms. These specific areas of learning will provide a context for children to develop their knowledge, understanding, and skills using a variety of materials.

Design and Technology planning has been designed to allow children the opportunity to focus on those specific areas of learning relative to their age group.

We aim for our children to be able to think about human needs and how through developing our own ideas we can plan, produce products and evaluate them for a specific purpose.

Long Term Plans

Design Technology Long Term Plan

Progression of Skills

Design Technology Progression of Skills

Spring term DT

Design Technology in Action at Dean Bank 2020-2021


D.T restart curriculum LTP 2020-2021

Over Summer, two of our teachers faced off in our very own Red Tomatoes and Green Peppers show. They both created their own meal at home and recorded it for the children to vote on. We won’t spoil the surprise as to who won but each year group did have a favourite in mind.

Pancakes DB – YouTube

Having watched their teachers make their own meal, each class were tasked with designing and making their own meal using skills such as cutting, slicing, rolling and chopping. Below is what each year group got up to.

EYFS – Jam Sandwiches
Reception and 30-hour nursery children looked at examples of food and put them into categories of healthy and unhealthy based on their own prior knowledge and understanding. We talked about what healthy and unhealthy means and that you can eat unhealthy food, but that you cannot eat much of it because it is not good for you. We talked about what effect sugar has on your teeth and that lots of unhealthy food can make you poorly. Children then made their own jam sandwiches which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Y1 – Learning how to prepare fruit
For our first activity, we did some product testing, trying different fruits to see if we liked them and we recorded this. Then we drew some designs for how we wanted our fruit salad to look. Finally, we made the fruit salad on Friday, after discussing how to use equipment safely and carefully.

Y2 – Fruit smoothies
To begin, we tried a variety of different fruits and decided which fruits might work together as flavours. We used the claw method to help chop certain fruits and then we added them into the smoothie maker to blend them together with some natural yoghurt. Here are our efforts.

Y3 – Making a sandwich
In Y3, we started by sampling different foods that you could put into a sandwich. From there, we then decided on our combination and designed our own sandwich in our books. After that, we created a list of instructions to help us with making our sandwiches.

Y4 – Fruit salad
To start with, we sampled different fruits to see if we liked them or not and created a table to see our results. After that, we then decided on what would make the best fruit salad for our tastes. We used our table and designed our own fruit salad. Then we made our fruit salads using safe chopping and slicing techniques so that we could make our fruit salads look presentable.

Y5 – Pizza
In Y5, we were tasked with making pizza. We started by looking at what goes in a pizza and what a pizza should look like. We designed our own and labelled it to help us when making our own. Before making the pizza, we looked at making a box for our pizza to go in and used our knowledge of nets to design and make a box. Finally we made our pizza using ingredients that we liked and made them ready to go into the oven. The children thoroughly enjoyed their pizza slices.

Y6 – Omelette
Year 6 were tasked with making omelettes and researched their own ideas and recipes using ICT. After deciding on their recipes, the Y6 class designed their own omelettes and made their final preparations by writing a set of instructions. Finally, each child then made their own omelette using the cooker and a hot frying pan, tasted it and evaluated it showing what they might do differently next time and what they liked about it.

As a side project, Y6 looked at using a variety of skills to calculate a recipe to make cookies. They researched a basic recipe, using their ratio skills decided how many cookies to make, priced up the value of the shopping list, weighed and measured the quantities and used different techniques when making their cookies such as rolling, chopping and mixing. Here are photos to show how the Y6 managed.