Design Technology

design technology

what we say about design technology at dean bank primary school

Noah – “I enjoyed being able to design and make catapults.”

Taylor – “I like how we sometimes get to work together when we are making things.”

Summer – “It is fun being able to create new things.”

our intent

Our aim and intent for design and technology is to provide children with the opportunity to use technology to create and to design using their own ideas. We aim to provide them with a curriculum that will support them through their journey at Dean Bank, allow them time to develop their own thought process and to encounter problems and come up with solutions. Each year group will have a long-term plan in place with specific aims from mechanisms, construction, food and nutrition and electrical mechanisms. These specific areas of learning will provide a context for children to develop their knowledge, understanding, and skills using a variety of materials.

Design and Technology planning has been designed to allow children the opportunity to focus on those specific areas of learning relative to their age group.

We aim for our children to be able to think about human needs and how through developing our own ideas we can plan, produce products and evaluate them for a specific purpose.

design technology in action 2023-2034

“I enjoyed practicing stitching, I found out I was good at it.” – Jasmine Y3

“I liked using the glue gun to build the car.” – Rosco Lee Y2