What we say about Science at Dean Bank Primary School

“When I was in Y2, we got to go outside to look at microhabitats and the minibeasts that lived there. This was fun because we saw lots of different creatures and saw how the suited where they lived”- Orani Y3

“At the beginning of every science lesson we answer questions about what we learnt last lesson and in previous topics. This helps me remember everything we have learnt about”- Kieren Y5

“I like it in our science lessons when we get to carry out investigations linked to what we’re learning about because it helps me understand it better” – Harlie Y6

our intent

In order to develop children’s ability to work accurately and thoughtfully it is important that children are working scientifically, at the appropriate standard, across the school to allow them to develop skills that can be applied in science and across the curriculum. We seek to ensure that children are able to continue to develop and progress their skills and learning as they move through the school, building on what they have done before.

To help develop a deeper understanding of scientific concepts it is important that children continue to study concepts in a way that builds on existing knowledge learned as they move through the school.

Due to children entering the school with less developed language skills and vocabulary we think it is important that children can develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific vocabulary in order to explain the subject and the world around them clearly.

To ensure that children develop an interest in science that will allow them to improve their scientific knowledge and ability to work scientifically it is important that they are able to participate in engaging and quality investigations.

We seek to provide a range of quality investigations that will engage children and allow them to apply and develop their knowledge and understanding within the subject. Furthermore, to improve their scientific knowledge we believe it is important to try and present new information in interesting and contextually relevant ways in order to help them develop a deeper and more meaningful understanding.

science in action 2023-2024

october 2023-our science ambassadors

Five of our year 5 girls attended science ambassador training. At this training, they were able to carry out a number of experiments and learn about different ways of working scientifically. Also, they developed their presentation skills and learned about the different roles and jobs that involve science and how these roles can be suitable for anyone, no matter gender or background. The science ambassadors will be helping promote science in school and supporting to engage children in school further in subject.