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Religious Festivals

To continue to develop our understanding of other religions, we enjoy learning about the ways they celebrate important religious festivals. This year we explored why Diwali is important for Hindus. We then tried some typical foods eaten on Diwali, learnt some traditional dances and did some arts and crafts activities.

Why do we learn about different religions in RE?

“So we can understand different views” – Rebecca, Year 5
“It helps us to understand people better” – Astrid, Year 3

Do you think it is important RE is taught in school?

“Yes, we need to be educated about people around us” – Kieran, Year 3
“Yes because we meet new people or go to new places we can have an understanding of them and uplift them” – Bailey, Year 5

What do you enjoy most about RE?

“Going to church, it had colourful windows” – Orani, Year 1
“I enjoy going out to churches and talking to the vicars. I am a Christian and I learnt new things too” – Astrid, Year 3
“When we went to the grand mosque and got to ask people all the questions we had” – Thomas, Year 6

Year 6

In Year 6 we have brought all our knowledge together to answer the enquiry question, ‘So what do we know about Christianity?’. We have looked at the key religious beliefs about God and Jesus, the importance of the Bible as well as Christian worship within different denominations.

Other core religions
In Year 6 we have begun to look at our local Muslim community. We began by exploring what Islam is through the Qu’ran before visiting Newcastle Mosque where we developed our understanding further.

Year 5

As part of our enquiry question ‘What do Christians believe about God?’ we explored some of the metaphors some Christians use to understand God. We then created our own metaphors that represented God as the creator.

Other core religions
In Year 5 we have begun to look at Judaism. We have explored Jewish beliefs and how they express their beliefs in the home.

Year 4

As part of it enquiry question ‘How and why do people show care for others?’ we have been exploring why Christians believe they should care. After we reflected on ways that we show kindness and compassion through caring for other.

Other core religions
Building on our knowledge of how Christians care for others, we explored ways other core religions express care, particularly Sikhs. We learnt that this is a characteristic that is valued by many religious and non-religious people.

Year 3

As part of our enquiry question ‘What can we learn about Christian symbols and belief by visiting churches’ we got the opportunity to visit some different Christian churches and speak to religious leaders. We explored what Christian worship looks like and what symbols are important to Christians.

Other core religions
In Year 3 we have explored Hinduism in great depth. We began the year by looking at how Hindus worship and we are now exploring what Hindus believe and how this influences their actions.

Year 2

As part of our enquiry question ‘What does it mean to belong in Christianity?’ we have been exploring how belonging can be expressed through baptism and other services of dedication.

Other core religions
In Year 2 we have continued to build upon our understanding of Buddhism. We have explored some of the ways that Buddhists show their beliefs.

Year 1


As part of our enquiry question ‘ Why is Jesus special to Christians?’ we have been exploring different bible stories and learning about some the special things that Jesus did.

Other core religions
In Year 1 we have begun to look at Buddhism and understand why Buddha is special. We have explored some of his key character traits and reflected on how we can show some of these important values.

Year 2 – Autumn 21

In Year 2 we have been exploring why the Bible is important to Christians. We looked at ways Christians showed respect towards the Bible and then reflected on ways that we can show respect in our lives.

During our study of the story of St Cuthbert, we explored the importance of what Cuthbert did, this helped us to realise why St Cuthbert was important.

Year 3 – Autumn 21

In Year 3 we have been exploring Hindu worship. We ordered the steps of puja and then looked at why these are important. We created the following video to teach others about puja.

Then we compared Hindu worship at home to worship carried out in a Mandir. We realised that worship wherever it is done, all has the same purpose which is to build a relationship with Brahman.

Year 4 – Autumn 21

In Year 4 we have been exploring what the Bible is and why it is important to Christians. We have looked at a range of parables and what they taught us.

We have learnt that Jesus is known as the light of the world but we wanted to understand why. We explored a painting of Jesus and reflected on what this taught us.

Year 5 – Autumn 21

In Year 5 we have been learning about why Jewish people go to the synagogue. Through this topic we have explored the four stages of life and how the synagogue is involved in these celebrations.

We also looked at the Jewish holy book, the Torah. We explored how to treat this book with respect, how to use it in worship and what it contains.

Inter Faith Week – Nov 21

The focus of this year’s interfaith week was to explore stewardship. Classes were given different religions to study, they had to explore why stewardship was important to their chosen religion and how people from their religion showed stewardship. Children were then asked to reflect on what they had learnt and write a message that their future selves would tell them to do now.

Educational visits

Educational visits are a really important part of the delivery of our RE curriculum. Children thoroughly enjoy their visits and learn so much from them.

This year Year 1 visited some churches in Ferryhill to learn about Christianity. In Year 2 children visited Durham Cathedral to learn about the story of St Cuthbert. In Year 3 children visited different churches in Ferryhill to explore different ways they worship and express their beliefs. In Year 6 children visited Newcastle Mosque to develop their understanding of Islam.

EYFS – Understanding the World (September-November)

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