History Curriculum

Long Term Plans

You can view our long term history plan to see what is taught in each year group;

History Long Term Plan

Restart History Long Term Plan 2020-2021

History in Action at Dean Bank

Year 1 looked at a photograph of a soldier. They thought about what they thought the soldier might be feeling, as well as what they thought of when they looked at the photograph. Year 1 also worked very hard to create their own poppies and Remembrance Day artwork.

Y2: Comparing Beatrix Potter’s life to today – Oct 2020

Y2 used a Venn diagram to help them to sort and compare different parts of Beatrix Potter’s life with life today.

They talked about what was the same and what was different and discussed why things have stayed the same or changed over time.

EYFS – Understanding the World (September-November)

Understanding the World booklet